Villa Lena Residency

Jun 14, 2016

More on this soon, but for now, here's an article and interview with my favorite, Richard Lockett, about our stay and residency at Villa Lena in Tuscany this spring:

And another article about the residency and our stay, on Le Paradox!

And a few villa snaps:

September Workshop Photos

Dec 2, 2015

At long last, photos from September's bouquet workshop taught with Brittany (BRRCH). It was another exciting class- with wild and candy shop inspired colors, of course, and with the most beautiful local roses from Rose Lane Farms.


Sep 24, 2015

lately at my house.

 the corner filled with dry california tumbleweeds and thistle and who knows what else. Plus a bird and bougainvillea. Ultimate California

my mom's old plate matching everything I have

slight pink on that hydeangea

Birds of Paradise - look at that orange!

I'm psyched to be teaching another flower class with Brittany. This time we'll be exploring bouquets and how to make and shoot them. Last time was so much fun. We'll be using local roses from Roselane Farms (YES, a lot of them are scented). You can sign up on my shop page here:

September 27th, 3-6pm, location disclosed to participants. Email me with any questions!

To see more of Brittany's work, see her instagram. She's an inspiration!

Nasturtium Spring Explosion

Aug 3, 2015


"Flowers...a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sherbet Spring

Jun 5, 2015


Evolution of the "Construction Corner"

May 14, 2015

When you walk up the stairs to my apartment, the first thing you see is a nook. It sort of glows and it's one of my favorite things about my apartment. My dad had the genius idea of adding a skylight above it, creating THE PERFECT light box. Since then, it's been the place where I photograph many things/all the things, aka flowers.

At first, it had old plywood as a base, and I loved this weird unfinished look. (It's that imperfect/perfect balance that I always crave). At this point, I wasn't paying too much attention to it, but I would put leftovers from work there- a spare branch, a lonely flower (less is moremoremore). It's the first place I can set down what I'm lugging up the stairs (heavy buckets, bundles etc. etc.). And I loved the way things look there. Its sparseness, and empty, deconstructed feel.

The plywood was replaced by a nicer piece of wood, and then while I was away, my brother had white stone installed, really making it into a light box. The way the white reflects the light....OY.

I love the way the light changes- the afternoon is pretty magical (y'all know I'm a light chaser!)

Mother's Day Pop Up at Lunya, in Santa Monica

May 6, 2015

I'll be selling bouquets and arrangements at Lunya's Sleepwear Showroom in Santa Monica on Friday, May 8th, from 10-7pm. You can pre-order here: and if you'd like a Saturday delivery, you can email me!

Some photos from our shoot a couple weeks back! 

Camellia Crazy

Mar 27, 2015

I went a little camellia and magnolia crazy this winter. The magnolia is no surprise; but the camellia... I hadn't been in California at this time of year in a while, and forgot how insanely amazing these beauties are. The real winter rose. Camellia plants like to explode with blooms; in the winter, the bushes are covered in pink, or white, stripes, deep fuchsia/red. It's incredible. 

Since I haven't been working with flowers lately (working with my family's restaurant business during this quiet season), I have been enjoying daily twilight walks, during which I drool over the crazy Los Angeles plant life. Succulents are blooming like I've never before noticed; the rain followed by sudden heat has made the wisteria go bonkers....eucalyptus trees and their fuzzy bright blooms, passion vine. It's all too much, and I am scheming and planning the first garden I will plant in my adult life. Not working with flowers gives me space to think about why I like them so much (& long for them). For me, they are healing (slippery slope, here I aaaaaam). They're so real and unreal and they make me feel connected to the present and at the same time in tune with some magical otherness; I think they do it to us all, even if you're not aware of it. They mark the seasons and if you pay attention to them even just a little, their fragrances can add another dimension to your memories and periods in your life. In my dreams, I create an epic, large, wild garden where I host events that are all about living and experimenting and slow slow slow life. Where people come to play and relax; explore quiet nothing moments.

When I was in Boston this winter, I met one of the head gardeners of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Taylor Johnston. She is so inspiring. Warm soul. After a degree in horticulture, some time working at flowers farms and botanical gardens, she got a Master's in Philosophy, and then, eventually, went back to working as a gardener. I love her perspective and thoughts on gardening, plants and flowers, and I wish I could really describe it here for you. Formalism and informalism, communicating the ethereal, the special and the extraordinary; perfectionism; sustainability vs. artful choices. What an inspiring visit.

African Violets and Blue

Mar 1, 2015


A few rainy Sunday's ago, the light was perfect for photographing these violets. They have been so hardy and have lasted forever (at least a month, plus however long they were in bloom before I bought them). I've always loved them, but even more so now. Everything in Los Angeles continues to bloom and blow me away- a flower punch smack in the face. Right now the jasmine is insane- flowering everywhere, and stanking up all the neighborhood blocks. I love it. One small snip makes your entire room smell...

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