Wolf Nights? Yes, we Wolfnight.

Dec 12, 2012

What is Wolf Nights.  Have you ever wanted to just chill, drink wine with your gurlz and clean out your closet (aka try on all your clothes and have your friends- slightly tipsy?- tell you whether or not you should keep each item and/or how to wear it- sometimes coining terms like (said aggressively) 'BLACK TANK TOP'- which, in case you are interested, solves all dressatory problems). Really, it just becomes a show.  I thought you all wanted to do that.  Well, this is just one of the many Wolfnight activities.  Wolfnighting also includes: making things all night (or at least planning to do so, and meeting up with that intention), tarot readings, traveling together, speaking in accents to the point of slight headache. etc.  Aaaanyways, Wolfnighting originated on a very exciting trip to Israel that Lauren and I took to visit Annie, while she was working with Chinese people in Israel last April.  (YUP, Annie speaks fluent Chinese.)  We were very enamored by a bar named Wolfnight, in Tel Aviv, and felt we could relate to the term (crazy inspired nights, howling, naturally).  Here are some images from that trip. Lauren and I had a day layover in Brussels that felt like an entire European vacation.  We started the day off right with Belgian waffles at 6am...and wandered the entire city all day. It was incredibly fun.




                              FIRST FIVE MINUTES IN ISRAEL LOOKED LIKE THIS:



Each balcony above had two matching white plastic chairs!

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