Wave Hill

May 8, 2013

Sometimes I feel so exhausted at the end of a long flower work day that I want to melt and never become solid again.  But then I sleep, and I wake up refreshed, and I forget all about it.  And then it happens again, and I forget again.  I sound like an addict.  But I assure you, if I am, it is in the best possible way; flowers, plants, making amazing beautiful things that make other people happy and help them appreciate nature, and flowers and plants, and beautiful things... 

I am sure the 10 people that read this blog know that I am a bit of worry wart and sometimes a "somewhat-nervous-person-50%", 65% of the time.  (??!) And I can say with almost no hesitation (that's big) that working with flowers and plants has made me way less anxious, and I think that's part of why I love it.  It just makes me (and I am sure many others) pay more attention to everything  (everything worth paying attention to).  I walk down the street- especially now in the spring- and just look at all the blooms, and plants, and beautiful buildings covered in vines, and weird plant filled nooks.  I probably look like a strange A.D.D adult on drugs that can't look straight when they walk.  I love it.  It all inspires me so much...to have lots of plants, and dream of one day having a garden, and then a bigger garden, and then...

A couple weeks ago, I went to Wave Hill- a garden and cultural center in the Bronx, in an area called Riverdale, which might as well be in the south of France- stone walls covered in little blooming plants, a garage door that looks like a French barn door, hilly, bumpy roads that kick up the dirt. And Wave Hill.  HEEEYYSSOOOUUS.  It was so awesome.  One of the first views: a vista of the Hudson with epic cliffs across the shore; I can't even imagine what that pergola looks like once it's in bloom:

Aviva's eyes matching that creepy plant:

Magnolia pillow:

Kinga's 10 year old turtles that she bought in Chinatown when they fit in the palm of her hand; now she tells them to stop growing because this is largest aquarium she can fit in her apartment:

The remnants of a feast with some amazing people.

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