Calm after the Storm

Jun 30, 2013


Just a couple weeks ago, I made flowers for Christina and Cesar's wedding.  It was the first time I've designed, made and run an event alone.  It was a success!  I was NOT bleary eyed and sweating profusely all day Saturday, the day of the wedding.  Nor did I find myself, Sunday, comatose on the couch, unknowingly sitting on a strawberry for a good 10 minutes, running into walls, stubbing my toes, and tripping over computer chords all day.

And despite my state, I had the nutso idea to make an arrangement with leftover spirea and passion vine, after 3 fifteen hour days,  plus one night of dancing, and a morning of breaking down a wedding.  Making it felt like the calm after the storm, even though it turned out looking a bit like a green Sonic the Hedgehog.  Can you tell I needed to let loose a little?!  I thoroughly enjoyed it; all green and foliage, except for those insane passion flowers which I will always doubt are real.  

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