Foraging at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden & Pine Barrens

Jul 12, 2013

A few weeks ago I was lucky to work on an amazing gala with Emily Thompson Flowers.  The gala celebrated the new Native Species garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; we got to make something like 50 arrangements for the gala, using entirely foraged materials, most of which we foraged ourselves! All local, native to the New York area, and amaaaaaaaazing. It was epic and such an adventure.  We spent a rainy afternoon cutting from the Native Species Garden itself. WHOA WHOA. I loved the wild geranium, the raspberry flowers, whose leaves are huge and amazing- giant star-like hands, soloman seal......candy store feeling? yessssss.

We spent the next day in the Pine Barrens, cutting oak, pines, mountain laurel, blueberry, and admiring wild orchids.  We walked on jiggly earth that sunk to waist level if you stepped or jumped in the wrong spot; I got some high-bush whiplash, a boot full of mud, internally panicked for days about ticks, and took tons and tons of photos.  Some of these photos ended up on Gardenista, where Emily gives some tips about foraging and making arrangements out of foraged materials.  My photo bombardment below....


Impeccable (trash bag) style:

Truck load:


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