Goodbye, 57 Jay

Aug 22, 2013

The shop is moving!  Emily Thompson Flowers is moving to a new space in..... A SURPRISE! We will be in a temporary studio in the meantime.  I am sad to leave Dumbo, but so glad I got to know its nooks and cranny's-- it has so many good ones.  I'll miss walking around Vinegar Hill, pretending I am in New Orleans, I will miss seeing the ocean- I mean the East River- every time I get off the subway.  ....walking on Dumbo's saaaandy beaches.  SO GLAD TO HAVE KNOWN YOU 57 JAY.  I read something today that I LOVED, in a book called Wild.  When you are torn between two points, and you're being pulled in both directions, take a leap of faith and push on in the direction where you've never been.  HELL YES.  Some wise words I hope to listen to more often than not, thanks Cheryl Strayed.

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