Aug 22, 2013

 About 9 months ago, Lucy and Alex asked me to do the flowers and photographs for their wedding.  I had never photographed a wedding, and hadn't yet done flowers for a wedding of my own.  WHAT were they thinking?! and WHAT was I thinking when I said yes?! Well, as Lucy always says, lean in.  And so I did, and I could not be more thrilled.   WHAT an amazing experience!  I love this family so much, and I am so grateful to have been a part of this day; I learned so much, got to hang out with amazing people through out the process, and got to swim in the cold Long Island Sound waters on my days off (YES, it IS an ocean, not a lake.)   The wedding day was amazing, the location spectacular and the people so beautiful and kind; such good vibes, smiles, laughs, and joy.
 Thank you so much, Lucy and Alex, for taking a chance on me.

Thank you Carie for all the flower help, and Aviva, for taking some of these amazing photos, AND helping with flowers, AND being my brain on this crazy amazing day!

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