Winter Moon Magic

Dec 15, 2013

where awareness goes energy flows

I read this here and I like the sound of it.  I like the idea that the mere awareness of your desires, goals, and hopes can bring forth change and growth; it's comforting to think that growth occurs even when you feel at a loss for words and action- that by simply living with awareness, you are, in a way, embodying the change you need.

The first week of December started with a bang; an unexpected situation brought me back to California, to help my dad recover from a serious fall.  Long Nights Moon- also called the Cold Moon or Big Winter Moon- is the last moon phase of the year, and happens in early December, when the days are the longest.  It's a time for spiritual alchemy, a time for re-evaluation.  My dad's accident brought a lot of upheaval into my life-- definitely a time of re-evaluation and new beginnings for me and my family.  I like to think that things happen for a reason; this might just be wishful thinking, but at least when I look at it this way, it helps me move forward.  In this case, my dad's fall gave him the chance to slow his life down, take a break and breather, and spend time with MEEEEE :) He still has his life.  It's crazy to me that his accident happened on the exact night of the Long Nights Moon, and while part of me has sincere doubts about this sort of spiritualism, I just can't help but think that it's all somehow connected!  MOON MAGIC, of course.

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