Poppy Love

Jan 22, 2014

Poppies.  Siiiiiiiiiiigh.

One of my all time favorite flowers.  Maybe it's because they are the California state flower, or maybe it's their Mediterranean descent- give me anything Mediterranean and I melt: sun, food, flowers, landscape, story.  Maybe it's that I once came across a house in Israel, on the beach, that had a full field of wild poppies for a front lawn. Maybe it's that their stems have the craziest shapes, and they grow in their vase, even after you've cut them.  Their smell, their paper thin petals, the fact that you have to peel away their furry outer green layer, to reveal the mystery color inside and to allow them to bloom.  I could definitely go on, but I will spare you.

I recently did an arrangement DIY for gardenista that features these amazing flowers.  These are some of my favorite images; for the full story, check it out on gardenista!


  1. These arrangments and your photography are exquisite, I love how you honour the plants wild nature. Beautiful work!


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