Natural Dyeing with Cara Marie Piazza

Mar 18, 2014

I recently visited Cara Marie Piazza in her natural dye studio; she let me in on some of her dyeing secrets and let me take photos of her amazing work.  I am so inspired by it! In my last post, I showed you some of her textiles; Cara collects floral waste and scraps from florists in NYC and uses them to create dyes.  I love the textures and color palates she creates; whenever I talk or think about the art of floral designing I always end up saying that it's almost like creating a 3D, sculptural painting-- thinking about color combinations, compositions, empty space, gestures, and contrasting shapes and textures...I could go on. Though it generally takes way less time, making an arrangement is a lot like creating an abstract painting (says the expert abstract painter. I'm absolutely joking, of course.)  Cara's textiles have this same painterly quality that I love so much and that I find when I create with flowers. I wrote an article about Cara for Gardenista, check it out! We also did an indigo DIY for them, so if you want to indigo everything in your life, like I currently do, go right ahead...


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