The Planthunter!

Mar 20, 2014

I recently discovered a new website called The Plant Hunter, an australian based online publication that features stories that explore the connections between humans and plants. My plant and flower loving NERD self loves it. It's just the topic we need to explore. I love the glimpse it gives me into the lives of others who make plants a part of their every day life- from landscape designers, to gardeners, artists. It's interesting to see how nature becomes a part of different people's lives, and I like where my mind goes when I read this sort of thing. I love the endless possibility of things I could do with my life that are plant and flower related, and I wonder where I will be in 5, 10, 20 years. Also, it makes me REALLY want to visit Australia. Some of my favorite florists are there, and I hope I can one day visit and see what it's all about..........

Now that I've put it out there, can it happen IMMEDIATELY, please. Great, thanks.

I recently wrote a short bit about flowers, and of course, Cara's floral trash textiles. You can read it here. Here are some photos from the story-- I made this arrangement below inspired by some of Cara's work. Last month I had an affair with this purple hardenbergia. Yes, an affair; this is what I do in my spare time off of work. I go to the market and buy purple hardenbergia instead of doing my laundry and finding balance in my life. I two-time my flowers with more flowers. JAYSUS! Sometimes you just gotta. Because?...its color is unbelievable; the most intense POP bright amaaaazing vibrant ever.  I like that this one has different shades of purple all wrapped up in one tiny but powerful little flower.

Then I added these ranunculus and poppies to the arrangement, because the colors made me think of these Cara Marie Piazza textiles from the last couple of posts. But it made me not like the arrangement; kind of love hate it, or something like that. But that's life- sometimes you make something you very much dislike and you think, "UMMMMM who am I?! Did I just do this? Does my arrangement have a purple ponytail?! WTF." Better to experiment and hate than to stay bored, right? And I HAVE to show it to you because it was all inspired by this one particular textile, and the point was to reference it...and soon we can see what these floral leftovers will look like as dye!

Poopy's doin thair thang. Poppy's. 


  1. cute post hehehEHEH lets go to australzzzzzz

  2. Thank you for sharing that site it looks really interesting, I'm sure I'll lose myself for a while there!

  3. this is an amazing post about poopies and purple ponytails. hell yes.


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