Autumn Two Ways

Nov 29, 2014

New England and California autumns are quite different. Branchy, leafless rose hips in Connecticut and rose bushes in full bloom in Los Angeles.


A few things: 

That car up there- the baby pink mustang- has a license plate that says "TULIPS." Yes.
Los Angeles is 80 degrees in November.
Camellia's are the most.
So is making lists of what you want your life to look like.
If you put vetiver essential oil on hair, your locks will smell so good for days and you'll feel a little bit like a gold dust woman witch.


  1. I was just in LA for Thanksgiving, basking in the blinding sunlight. There were indeed roses and camellias about, though for the most part the place was DRY AS A BONE. I love vetiver. In India they make it into a sweet syrup (khus) that you can drink.

    1. What a coincidence! It's SO dry, and so sad. Luckily it rained today, and will hopefully rain a bit more this week! WISH I could try that sweet vetiver syrup!


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