Bundle Dyeing

Nov 3, 2014

As you all probably know, I am addicted to flower bundle dyeing. If you see me in head to toe silk fabric that looks like its been tie-dyed in some crazy way, you'll know why. We recently hosted a natural dye (and tea) workshop at ETF with Cara and Jessa. WHOA. I won't say more, because the photos below speak for themselves! 


Cara's amazing silks:


  1. Wow! After my first foray into shibori dyeing, I am now inspired to try this. Does it work best with silk?

    1. Hi! it works best on natural animal fibers (wool, silk) and also on linen, cotton…and I'm sure other plant based fibers. I'm no expert, though! I know it's not supposed to work on synthetic fibers.


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