Hollyflora Market & Courtyard

Dec 7, 2014

I've never really worked in flowers in LA until this last week. The landscape is sooooo different from New York; a completely different vibe and aesthetic, and getting used to it is weird. New York has that lushness and greenness that really inspires me; there's an abundance that I love. LA is very dry at the moment. While it's lacking in that lush abundance, it has some really amazing plants- like the camellia's I showed you last, and the garden roses that you find here and there. Wild castor on the side of the road, giant graphic leaves whose names I don't know; agave's, spikey plants, and daturas. Of course the bougainvillea is what dreams are made of. But, the feeling is very different. The hikes here are bone dry, and all brown and crunchy because of the drought. I've been in such a different landscape for the last three years, and now all of a sudden, there's a completely different backdrop and environment, and it'll be interesting to see how that affects what I make.

It's rained a few times since I've been here and it's so insane to see how quickly plants and trees sprout new green with the first drop of water. My dad tells me it's because all the plants are like "water! life! Gotta grow and flower, and spread our seed now, in 4 days since it just rained and we have no idea when the next rain will come." Duuuuh?! I didn't quiiiite know that-- I'm no plant expert, though hopefully one day I will be!

One highlight of the last couple weeks here has been meeting the ladies of Hollyflora, Becky and Holly. I've been stalking their work over the last year or so; they've been doing this flower thing for a long time- real deal florists with an amazing aesthetic. And they are soooooooo AWESOME. !!!

I wrote about them and their newly opened shop for Gardenista last week. Below are some photos from my visit; you can see more here.

On another note. This website has some really amazing mixes to listen to. Very California, somehow.


This bleeding heart vine. I had never heard about it until now. LOOK UP IMAGES OF THIS AMAZING THING. 


  1. LA is sometimes very lush indeed, even on the East side. But they have been in a drought for so long that everything is dried out. The jacaranda, the desert wildflowers, the enormous trumpet vines…I've even found wild patched of chervil in the Palisades! Hollyflora looks AMAZING!

  2. I just accidentally deleted my comment.... I cant wait to visit LA, it looks so beautiful, I dont know if I've ever experienced that climate before. They actually have a big Bleeding Heart Vine growing in the back greenhouse area of Crest Hardware in Williamsburg and I freaked out over it. I wish I could grow it indoors... And after working with Saipua this summer I've become obsessed with Bougainvillea - is that growing everywhere in LA?

    1. can't wait eiiiither!!!!! the bougainvillea is everywhere :) I LOVE IT. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN. already have tons of places in mind to take you...


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