Back in LA, Tumbleweeds & Buenos Aires Inspired

Jan 26, 2015

Back in Los Angeles and things are way greener than when I left. It's a little magical. This wild cucumber vine is growing all over the hills. It smells so fresh and a little sweet. And this drawing. It appeared in my apartment-- it's one of the many random things that my dad has dropped off without notice. Once a week or so I receive a food or plant related item, usually. Sometimes it's a cookie, or a bunch of Eucalyptus, or a left over octopus ceviche in a styrofoam cup; sometimes an economy or business related newspaper article, entirely crumpled, and maybe it has chocolate stains all over it. Like many things in his car. And there are many things in his car. This drawing looks a bit like my mom and it's my muse right now. 

This tumbleweed is inspired by the hills of Los Angeles, since they are something amazing this time of year. 


  1. From the depth of a frigid snowstorm I can only say "Thanks" and "I hate you"!


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