Camellia Crazy

Mar 27, 2015

I went a little camellia and magnolia crazy this winter. The magnolia is no surprise; but the camellia... I hadn't been in California at this time of year in a while, and forgot how insanely amazing these beauties are. The real winter rose. Camellia plants like to explode with blooms; in the winter, the bushes are covered in pink, or white, stripes, deep fuchsia/red. It's incredible. 

Since I haven't been working with flowers lately (working with my family's restaurant business during this quiet season), I have been enjoying daily twilight walks, during which I drool over the crazy Los Angeles plant life. Succulents are blooming like I've never before noticed; the rain followed by sudden heat has made the wisteria go bonkers....eucalyptus trees and their fuzzy bright blooms, passion vine. It's all too much, and I am scheming and planning the first garden I will plant in my adult life. Not working with flowers gives me space to think about why I like them so much (& long for them). For me, they are healing (slippery slope, here I aaaaaam). They're so real and unreal and they make me feel connected to the present and at the same time in tune with some magical otherness; I think they do it to us all, even if you're not aware of it. They mark the seasons and if you pay attention to them even just a little, their fragrances can add another dimension to your memories and periods in your life. In my dreams, I create an epic, large, wild garden where I host events that are all about living and experimenting and slow slow slow life. Where people come to play and relax; explore quiet nothing moments.

When I was in Boston this winter, I met one of the head gardeners of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Taylor Johnston. She is so inspiring. Warm soul. After a degree in horticulture, some time working at flowers farms and botanical gardens, she got a Master's in Philosophy, and then, eventually, went back to working as a gardener. I love her perspective and thoughts on gardening, plants and flowers, and I wish I could really describe it here for you. Formalism and informalism, communicating the ethereal, the special and the extraordinary; perfectionism; sustainability vs. artful choices. What an inspiring visit.


  1. I am living vicariously through you! What hotel does your family have? I hope we get a chance to play sometime, somewhere with flowers and food…two of my greatest passions. xo

    1. Hi! Our hotel is called Su Casa- it's in venice, on the boardwalk. I hope we do too! XOOOOO

  2. You really can't do better than this party planner. Just be sure to book her before someone else does! I don't even know where to begin in describing how great this planner is. There were so many little things that she and her assistants did for us.


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